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Sport plays a vital role in childhood development as it promotes physical health, social skills, teamwork, and discipline, while also fostering qualities like resilience, confidence, and leadership that are essential for success later in life. At St Joseph’s Catholic School, we aim to ensure that, through regular and enjoyable involvement in physical activities, we are providing holistic learning experiences for our students that will lead to lifelong participation in healthy recreational activities and lifestyles.

All students at St Joseph’s Catholic School participate in a dynamic physical education program on a weekly basis, where they engage in a wide range of activities designed to develop body and spatial awareness, locomotor and non-locomotor movements, and manipulative skills within a positive and supportive learning environment.

Students are assigned to one of two Pastoral House teams: Flinders (blue) or Kennedy (yellow), which they represent with pride and enthusiasm during our friendly and inclusive inter-house sporting events such as swimming, cross country, and athletics competitions.

At St Joseph's, we endeavour to offer our students quality extra-curricular opportunities, through programs such as Auskick, Jump Rope for Heart, NRL Development Cup, and after-school sports facilitated by external partners when available. Additionally, students have opportunities to trial for various district and/or regional sports through our affiliation with North West School Sport. Information about these opportunities is communicated through channels like Compass, Newsletters, and Weekly What’s Ons.