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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

At St Joseph's Catholic School, Cloncurry we work in partnership with students, parents, parish and the local community to provide a welcoming and inclusive learning and teaching environment.

We provide a high quality curriculum which caters for the different needs of each student. Our students will experience a wide range of activities both for personal growth and the benefit of the wider community.

We believe that every child is unique and gifted by god.
  • Children grow in Christian values when Gospel values flow through the curriculum and school community.
  • Children need to be encouraged to take pride in themselves, their family, school and country.
  • Children have a natural potential for learning.
  • Children learn when they are happy and take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Children learn when activities provide for individual needs.
  • Social development is encouraged in all aspects of School life.
  • Children benefit from parent-teacher partnerships. positive, affirming environments help children grow in self-esteem, respect for themselves and others.

The Philosophy of our School

We endeavour to create a happy, co-operative atmosphere with a family spirit of friendliness between the parents, children, staff, parish priest and wider community.

As a Catholic School modeled on the Gospel values of Jesus, we:

  • Encourage our children towards an integration of faith and life, that is to recognise God is with us in the everyday reality of our lives.
  • Emphasise the central place of Jesus in the life of the School.
  • Implement structures which enable students to experience Gospel values.
  • Introduce children to our Catholic heritage.
  • Offer a curriculum in the subject areas of Religious Education, English, Mathematics,Science, the Arts, Studies of Society and Environment, Technology, Health and Physical Education, Language other than English.
  • Respect individual learners and promote academic excellence.
  • Encourage an understanding of and pride in the uniqueness of our rural community.
  • Encourage co-operation, responsibility, self discipline and freedom so that the child can grow towards his/her potential physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.
  • Encourage home/school partnership in every possible way.