St Joseph's Catholic School

Year 7, 8 & 9 Junior Secondary

Welcome to Senior Middle School!

Years 7-9 are important years for the social, spiritual, physical and of course academic development of students.  At St Joseph’s Catholic School, students are exposed to a format of schooling which incorporates a rotating timetable that emcompasses specialist teachers for each subject taught. Core subjects included in the curriculum scope are Mathematics, English, Science, Religious Education, Humanities  and Social Sciences (History/Geography, Business Economics, Civics and Citizenship) Health & Physical Education, The Arts (Drama, Visual Arts, Music), and Technology Design and Digital Technology (Manual Arts and Home Economics).  Students also undertake an explicit Literacy lesson for 30mins a day for four days a week. These accelerated lessons aim to develop and enhance skills in these integral areas of learning.
This change of schooling format comes with many challenges as students move from primary school and into secondary school. We endeavor to guide the students through to establish a heightened sense of maturity and accountability for their learning. For example, students use personal chromebooks in classes, they are responsible for completing some assessment tasks at home, they are expected to come to classes prepared and ready to learn and they need to use acquired time management skills to meet due dates for both homework and assessment. These are all skills that students need to move on into their senior phase of learning and we are confident that we are preparing students as holistic, lifelong learning who are able to successfully manage all transitions in their future.
If you have any questions about the concept of Junior Secondary or how we could help you further your child’s educational journey, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.
Staff Profiles and Subject Areas
Anne O’Loughlin (Middle Leader of Mathematics)
Scott Murray (Middle Leader of Health & Physical Education, Teacher of Digital Technologies)
Vicki Rodgers (Teacher of Design and Technology)
Toni Schneekloth (Middle Leader of HASS, Teacher of Home Ec)
Louise Wiles (Learning & Teaching Advisor)
Lesley Wall (Pastoral Care Coordinator, Teacher of English and Arts)


Principal: Judy Bell

Sheaffe Street
Cloncurry Qld 4824

P: (07) 4742 1633

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We are in week 6 of school holidays
Term 1 starts Tuesday 29 January 2019