St Joseph's Catholic School

Welcome to Year 4!

Hard work and persistence are two key themes evident in year four this year with Miss Lucas. We are exploring a broad range of topics this year in year four. Some of the topics include:

-        Learning how to develop interactive storylines and games, using the popular coding program – ‘Scratch’ on our Chromebooks.
-        Creating abstract art and exploring surrealism.  
-        Interactive science investigative opportunities where we explore lifecycles, rock formations, processed and natural materials and forces.
-        Exploring the purpose of prayer, morality and values, tools to navigate the Bible, and using prayer to assist in our community.
-        Learning about the First Australians, the impacts of colonisation and what our local government does for us.
-        Hands on experiences using iMovie to direct our own mini movie trailers.
-        We also explore a variety of different genres of text including: narratives, information reports, poetry and persuasive advertisements and letters.

Students also participate in specialist Music, Drama and Dance lessons with Ms Anne O’Loughlin.
We are extremely grateful to have various support staff that continue to make year Four the place to be! This year we have our wonderful Student Officers Miss Sonja, Miss Rene, Miss Sarah and Miss Lisa working alongside us in the classroom. We are also very lucky to have the support of Louise Martin from the Learning Enrichment team working with us.
Check the school newsletter, our school Facebook page and our weekly homework sheet to stay up to date with our learning experiences in Year 4!

Miss Casey Lucas


Principal: Judy Bell

Sheaffe Street
Cloncurry Qld 4824

P: (07) 4742 1633

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We are in week 6 of school holidays
Term 1 starts Tuesday 29 January 2019