St Joseph's Catholic School


Our curriculum acknowledges the needs and interests of our students, their previous learning experiences and ability level whilst providing each student opportunities to develop as an effective learner.

Each student at St Joseph’s engages in curriculum directed at the holistic formation of the individual and supported by a learning framework based on the tradition of the Catholic Church.

At a local level, St Joseph's staff have the capacity to interpret and implement the current national curriculum. Educational programs focus on nine Key Learning Areas (KLAs): Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education and The Arts. Using the National Curriculum, teachers plan and deliver a differentiated curriculum, enabling all students to access and engage in the curriculum by providing opportunities which recognise the diverse needs of each student and enabling students to learn to the best of their ability. 


Principal: Judy Bell

Sheaffe Street
Cloncurry Qld 4824

P: (07) 4742 1633

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We are in week 6 of school holidays
Term 1 starts Tuesday 29 January 2019