St Joseph's Catholic School


Welcome to Prep...

Here is where the fun begins.   In our first year of school we accomplish so much.
  • We learn the alphabet and begin to read and write simple sentences.
  • We explore numbers to 20, shapes, colours and patterns.
  • We learn about God, Jesus, Prayer and the Creation story.
  • We look at our environment, the living world and movement
  • We look at our families and celebrations as well as our local community
  • We express ourselves with art, dance and drama.
We have an wonderful support team to enrich our learning, with Miss Sonja spending the majority of the day in class with us as well as Mrs Scholes, Miss Maureen and Mrs Martin our Learning Enrichment Teacher.
Beginning school is an exciting time for everyone, parents included so please feel free to get involved in our learning with us.
Mrs Kelly Bennett


Principal: Mr Mark Newton

Sheaffe Street
Cloncurry Qld 4824

P: (07) 4742 1633
F: (07) 4742 1039

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We are in week 3 of Term 4
There are 9 weeks in Term 4